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Home: where everyone wants to be.

I have the privilege to serve an area I have called “home” all my life and is popular to the world.

My guiding principles are:

Proactive Customer Service

Keeping Clients Informed

Conducting Business Confidentially

Loyal Advocate and Negotiator

                   No place like home.

My first jobs were in carpentry, roofing, and electrical wiring. These skills have come in handy over the past 30 years when fixing up a few homes of my own and selling them.

I earned an Associate of Science Degree in Water Utility Science from Santiago Canyon College in 1995 and a Bachelors Degree in Business Management from the University of Phoenix in 1998. My careers have also included 30 years at three different water agencies in Orange County, a Consultant, and an Adjunct Instructor at Santiago Canyon College.

No place like home.

I have a wonderful wife of 27 years. I have participated in church responsibilities, PTA activities, and committees at my kid’s schools. This included President of the Student Site Council, while participating in other work related boards and committees. Living in Southern California since 1963, I have enjoyed a number of activities and hobbies. 


  1. There are over 5,000 homes for sale in our area.
  2. Only 1 out of 50 homes are ever advertised, many sold without signs, and  most without an open-house.
  3. Appraisals that the lenders require, prevent you from paying too much for a home.

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Our agent was very hard-working and dedicated.  His Knowledge and time helped our family realize our greatest dreams.  Our family highly recommends his services to either sell or buy real estate.